My canal rose stickers are based on the style I favor when painting by hand. 

They can be made in any size, any colour, any layout. I can take the elements

seperately and use them to create a canal rose design for your narrowboat 

that is completely unique. Below are a few designs that I have used to emulate

traditional canal rose shapes and patterns on narrowboats over the years.

These are priced according to the size indicated but can be changed to suit

your own requirements (POA) - just let me know what you would prefer. 


Four Canal Roses in an Oval

230mm x 156mm - £9.50


Large Oval Canal Rose Design

545mm x 265mm - £21.50

Small Corner of Canal Roses

(sold in a set of four)

130mm x 125mm  each corner - £20.50 a set 

Large Corner of Canal Roses

(sold in pairs)

265mm x 260mm  each corner - £20.50 a pair 

Line of five Canal Roses

510mm x 175mm - £21.50

Swag of  Canal Roses

455mm x 225mm - £21.50

Large Swag of Canal Roses

755mm x 230mm - £25.50

Porthole Roses 

(sold in pairs)

Based on a 380mm Porthole

285mm x 215mm - £21.50 a pair


I can help with any of the traditional decorations, emblems or designs associated with the signwriting of narrowboats. See below for a small selection. Again all colours and sizes are easily changed. All graphics are printed on seven year vinyl and laminated for extra durability. I can accomodate any design and make it unique to your boat. Just contact me for a chat about your particular requirements.